Monday, May 11, 2015

Maybelle--Queen of our yard.   Ahem . . . I mean her yard.  I'm spending a lot of time Maybelle-watching, and most enjoyable time it is.  I'm painting wolves right now, but I will definitely be doing a painting of Maybelle the Magnificent.  

She follows the cats around, always within a few feet, screaming at them, pecking menacingly at tree branches, and dive bombing. They come running for the door like they've been fired from a cannon, with her swooping right on their butts. As soon as they are safely in, they give me that stink-eye "whaaat?" look and proclaim that they were coming in anyway just then & the bird had nothing to do with it. 

Last night Ron lay in the sill of an open window, inside the house, and Maybelle perched on plant pots stacked outside the window, screaming at him for a good half hour. I love her! Cats are safely indoors most of the time now & rodent and bird death in the yard is down about 90%. Watch out for that bobcat, Maybelle.  Not a kitty to mess with.

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